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Five Ways to Identify Ministerial Gift

  1. Through the testimony of self (see attachment #2)
    Next to God, you know yourself better than nearly anyone else. Often a person may study the gifts and figure out which one best fits.
  2. Through the testimony of those who know us (see attachment #3)
    The people close to us often see things that we might be blind to. When they know what the gifts are, they may be able to identify which gift fits the best.
  3. Through the life of Christ
    If written in detail, the world itself could not contain the books of the wonderful things of Christ. All Christians were attracted to Jesus for certain qualities demonstrated in His life. If one can identify what is is that they love about Jesus the most, then it may be their gift.
  4. Through years of trying many different ministries
    Most Christians in the world that reach an appreciable level of maturity have done so through sampling the ministries of the faith and then finding what gives them the most joy. They have learned their gift through the experiences of the Christian walk.
  5. Through a written test (see attachment #1)
    The quickest route in identifying a spiritual gift would be in the written test. There is nothing scientific about the test except that it categorizes your provided information into the ten gift groups, making it easier to see at times.

The more ways that Christians use to identify their gifts, the better off and more accurate their assessment will be. Jesus wants our "joy to be full", but this runs a risk of not occurring if one does not know where he will most passionately serve Christ.

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