Camp Hill Church of Christ

About the Camp Hill Church of Christ

The Churches of Christ are each independent local churches. This level of independence means that each church may do things a little differently. Here's what to expect when you visit us:

Sunday Mornings:

9:30 am - Bible Study
Sunday Bible Study starts at 9:30 am. Classes are usually separated by age groups: Adults, teen/youth, children, and toddlers. There are numerous classrooms both upstairs and downstairs. Classes change quarterly. Classes typically end around 10:15.

10:30 am - Sunday Morning Worship
Our worship service usually follows the same pattern from week to week. Though we've changed that pattern on occasion to suit the message of the week's sermon. Our typical pattern is:

  • Sing a couple songs
  • Opening Prayer
  • One or two songs
  • Song in preparation for Lord's Supper
  • Lord's Supper
  • One or Two more songs
  • Bible reading
  • Sermon
  • Invitation song
  • Announcements
  • Closing Prayer

Services usually last until about 11:30 or 12:00 noon. But please stick around afterwards. We love to meet with our visitors.

On months with 5 Sundays, we have a pot luck lunch on that 5th Sunday after services. This is always a good day to visit. Please note that there is no evening service on pot luck days.

Sunday Evenings

5:30 pm - Evening Worship
Our Sunday evening worship service follows a different pattern. Please note that there is no evening service on the 5th Sunday of any month with 5 Sundays. Our typical Sunday evening pattern is:

  • Sing a couple songs
  • Lord's Supper for anyone who missed it in the morning
  • Sermon
    The Sunday evening devotional is different depending on the week. Sometimes it's a Sermon by Doug Hamilton, our preacher. Sometimes a different member of the congregation will present a lesson.
  • Songs
  • Announcements
  • Closing Prayer

Wednesday Evenings

7:00 pm - Bible Study
On Wednesday evenings, we like to gather together for encouragement and fellowship. As always, visitors are welcome to join us. There is a 15-minute devotional with the following pattern:

  • A song or two
  • A short, 5-minute sermon by a member of the congregation
  • Another song or two
  • Announcements

After the devotional, members are dismissed to classes, which run until 8:00 pm.